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17-2014 by devildoe on Flickr.

Tonight will be the Full Stag Moon, so called because stags will start to grow their antlers at this time. It is also called the Thunder Moon because of the thunder storms brought on through the hot and humid air. 
Tonight’s Full Moon is a Supermoon, scientifically called a Perigee Moon, it is when the moon is closer to earth than normal so appears bigger and brighter in the sky, it is the first of 3 Supermoons coming back to back over the next few months. Tides will rise up to 18% higher than normal, and wildlife is highly effected by Supermoons especially birds, sea life and wolves. 
As with all Full Moons things will be illuminated that were once hidden, raw  emotions will surface, but because this is a Supermoon just like the tides our emotions are also heightened, we will feel everything more than normal our senses will be sharp and we will be able to see things more clearly, like a fog has been lifted, you can look further into the future than before. 
The Moon is in the constellation of Capricorn. Which will give us energy to work hard and deal with matters of money and finances. Think big and dream big, this is a time of looking to the future and ask ourselves what we want from life and how we can achieve it. The earth is bursting with energy at the moment, new life is blossoming and blooming all around us, use this energy to propel yourself in a direction you want to go, the universe wants you to succeed and achieve your goals.
This is a time of new starts, of shedding our skin and moving forward. Change old habits that keep bringing us to the same place in life and embrace new ideas and perspectives. Come out of your comfort zone a little and try new things, keep your mind open to anything.
Change or be changed is the message of this Full Moon. Since the Summer Solstice you should have felt a sense of something shifting both within yourself and with the outside world, this because we have crossed a line. The first half of the year is over it was mid year in June, we have now entered the second half of the year. This a good time to look back over the last 6 months and look at what you have learned, what you have lost and what you have gained. Take lessons from what you have learned good or bad and use them in your future endeavours whether this be in work, relationships or family. 
Use the energy of this Full Moon to heal, Soak up the intensified energy of the Supermoon and let it cleanse you. 
Have a Blessed Full Moon, may the Goddess watch over you.